A short history of CDM

CDM started its activities on the 1st of October 1994 as a foundation. Our founders are: The British Embassy Bucharest, The Transilvania Bank, The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Cluj, The County Council Cluj, Leumi Bank, The Babeș Bolyai University and The Technical University.

CDM Consulting was intended to be a consultancy division, a structure that provides consulting and training programmes dedicated to companies.

We strongly believe in our motto, “BUSINESS IS LEARNING” and we apply this principle both in our work with clients and inside CDM through our internal programmes of continual development and perfection of both practical and theoretical knowledge. The main source for experience and learning is working with our clients, and we complement it through the continual training of our consultants by taking part in training courses in Romania and abroad, offered by prestigious institutions from Italy – Gruppo SOGES, Finland – Tulossilta, Great Britain – Ashridge Management College, Chartred Institute of Marketing, DUBS University, Sunridge Park, etc.

Our growth and development has been facilitated by a well structured initial programme thought out by the Roffey Park Management Institute, Great Britain. Lasting over three years the programme aimed to develop the consulting and training skills of CDM members. The powerful processes used in our work together with our clients have also influenced our own development and have generated important changes in ourselves and in CDM as a company.

Working with the Roffey Park consultants and other partners has not only built up abilities and expertise, but also gave us the chance to create clear company values and strong ethical principles in relationship with our partners.

Since 1997, CDM has been affiliated with the Roffey Park Management Institute, one of the most prestigious management institutions in Europe, with an experience in transforming companies of over 60 years.

The Mission of CDM

“Our goal is to become a model company, very respected for the support provided in transforming and developing companies. Our team of professionals ensures international level training and consulting services that creatively respond to an evolving business environment.”

One of our central goals is to aid the complicated defining and developing processes of behaviors and productive practices of companies by encouraging people to free their creative potential and be responsible for their own development and the development of the companies they work in.

The Values of CDM


We want to be able to transform what now seem like “preached theories” into practices of companies, into clients’ beliefs, by building up abilities within companies and individuals.

For clients

We will build lasting relationships with the clients we are going to serve, working beside them because we want to learn and grow together.

Long term health

Building a viable foundation for the future by investing in the most valuable capital of consulting: the reputation and the value of the consulting team. The reputation of the company is built up by creative and innovative people, whose value and work capacity will be recognised and rewarded. The work of consultants is assisted by modern educational equipment and technologies.


We are a company that fulfills its promises through its trustworthy, honest people that you can rely upon.

Patriotic and Philanthropic

Our efforts for the Romania we want are directed in the support we will offer toward the efficiency of managers through the active contributions to changing mentalities. We will prove that we, Romanians, are capable, intelligent and able to learn.


Between competition and partnership there is only one step; and the ones we compete with are of two kinds. Some believe honestly in their mission to support the efforts for change and they will enjoy success, and others profit from an uneducated market and will fail. We will help all of them attain their goals as soon as possible.

The Team of CDM

Carmen Copîndean

Carmen Copîndean

Senior Consultant
Horaţiu Augustin Fufezan

Horaţiu Augustin Fufezan

Senior Consultant
Aneta Neagomir

Aneta Neagomir

Florin Ioan Petean

Florin Ioan Petean

Executive Director