Integration in a team

Changing our job makes us often wonder how we will integrate or how we will be received in the new team. There is also the possibility of getting directly into activities without thinking too much about introducing ourselves, and why not, the image we create from our first day!


However, accommodating into a new team relies a lot on ourselves. This is what you can do to accommodate easily and help you feel better in your new team:

  • First of all, smile! A jolly colleague is one that older ones accept easier and that they integrate quicker in their group
  • Try listening closely to what someone does when presenting themselves and try to remember the names of those you resonate with when they tell you about their job!
  • During breaks, you can approach them and ask questions about their areas of expertise. You are more interesting if you are curious about them instead of telling them how good you are at what you do! Soon, it will be your turn!
  • Show curiosity both in relationships with your colleagues and your bosses! This is the way you show that you are interested and you care
  • Say « yes » as much as you can to new projects or challenges that relate to your job! That does not mean you are available, but it shows that you are willing to learn as much as you can.
  • Don’t be loud and don’t make dirty jokes on your first days, instead wait to see what the tendency of the group is and how many jokes like that are being told and if the group appreciates them!
  • Don’t eat alone, you can attach to a group, just be more reserved in your first days, listen to what they’re talking about and try to find the people you feel you fit in with
  • You can bring candy/chocolate/sweets in your first days and put them on your desk! They will come to have a bite and they will ask about you!
  • Don’t complain and don’t talk about how much your personal life sucks! Let others ask you, but be careful how much you say and to whom in your first days!
  • Appraise the company and find out as much as you can! That way, you’ll be ready to discuss the company and its accomplishments.

The first week is always hardest in a new job, from the second, you’re part of it.

Aneta Neagomir


Centrul de Dezvoltare Managerială


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