CDM Study

Development and training needs in companies – perceptions and expectations

CDM deployed, between April – May 2016 a

study regarding the needs for development and training for employees of the private companies in Romania. The questionnaire has been auto – applied by respondents through an online poll of public opinion. 273 people in decision positions (executive directors, human resources directors, trainers, project managers, department leaders, etc.) responded, from different companies from varied industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, commerce, manufacturing, transport, banking, construction, IT, services, etc. The structure of the studied population looks like this: 62,6% respondents from multinational companies and 23,4% respondents from Romanian companies (13,9% have not answered this questions); 44,3% hold HR positions and 44,3% hold other positions.
The aspects mentioned by respondents as being the most important for the success of their company was: motivating employees (68%) and efficient communication (66%). Approximately a third of the interviewed individuals mention the clarity of work processes, priorities, roles and expectations in this regard.
The most mentioned necessary skills to be developed in employees have been: leadership skills (79%), communication skills (77%), time management (70%) and project management (69%). On the other hand, the skills less desired by company representatives are: sales skills (38%), trainer abilities (36%), remote team management (31%).
The study highlighted a few more dimensions:
  • the types of development programmes that would fit their companies
  • the impediments in accessing a development and training programme
  • the preferred ways of organizing training programmes
  • the preferred time frame for holding training programmes
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