Coaching & Mentoring

Every coaching process is a process that aids personal and professional growth of every individual involved; this is our FOCUS in conducting our coaching process. We use instruments, questionnaires, techniques and abilities, but moreso, we are careful that leaders, managers and specialists alike that follow our coaching process, LEARN and DEVELOP, helping others go through a learning process.

The CDM consultants conduct non-directive coaching processes that aim to stimulate AUTONOMY and INFLUENCE our clients to generate changes and to take responsibility for these changes and for what they want to become at their workplace and in their personal lives.

Our expertise in aiding coaching programmes includes the following fields of expertise:

1 - 1 coaching

for employees at all hierarchical levels of a company (in different contexts: for employees that hold a new position in the company, developing a skill demanded by their position, major company level changes, reaching critical performance goals, etc.)

Team coaching

for intact teams within companies

Developing coaching skills

for managers or potential internal coaches

Developing a culture focused on learning and development

that is assumed by managers in a company

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Business Coaching

We design business coaching programmes customized to the needs of our clients. Throughout this process, our clients enjoy assistance, support, clarification and encouragement to reach the intended goals in different fields: sales, marketing, team management, professional development.
We are with our clients every step of the way in clarifying the intended goals and we accompany them throughout the process in achieving them, the final goal being performance increase, reaching goals and developing potential.

Team Coaching

Our TEAM COACHING programmes aid teams in focusing on the genuine priorities according to the vision and strategic goals of the company. Thus, we help the teams define a shared PLAN OF ACTION with performance objectives in different fields (strategic, financial, marketing, relationship with shareholders, etc.). At the same time, we focus on the dynamic of interaction between team members, relationships within the team and with other teams, the way team members communicate and solve conflicts, the degree of trust, taking responsibility and focusing on team performance.
Basically, it is a learning intervention, built to increase the capabilities and performance of a team through principles of coaching.

Business Mentoring

Throughout our mentoring programmes, our clients are provided information, resources, knowledge or a mentor’s experience on the areas solicited. This is accompanied by trust, openness, commitment and involvement.
Although our mentors provide information, advice, directions, aid or support, they also use instruments, coaching techniques to ensure that the proposed solutions are optimal for the client.