Team Coaching

The Team Coaching programmes allow a team to work beyond a sum of individuals, as an INTERDEPENDENT SYSTEM, by clarifying the role of the team in an organizational context, improving relationships between team members, trust, collaboration, the ability to constructively handle conflicts, there is support and challenge between the members of the team to reach the intended performance goals.


We formulate our TEAM COACHING programmes using a mix of facilitating processes to develop the team, organisational consulting and individual coaching. The specific combination is based on the team members, on the developing stage the team is in, the organisational context and the challenges the team faces.


  • Increase in engagement and trust in the team and in the team’s tasks
  • It facilitates spreading information between members of a team
  • It creates a technical support, emotional and practical support environment in circumstances of transition and change
  • It facilitates learning, practicing giving and getting feedback and feedforward
  • It encourages open, organized and constructive dialogue within a team
  • It optimizes the functioning structure of the team
  • It facilitates reaching the intended goals of both the team, and the individual members of the team
  • It activates the dynamic of team work