Consulting Programmes

We aim to understand the internal reality of our client companies before implementing processes of organizational consulting. We facilitate participatory consulting processes (alongside a team from the client company) and we offer personalized solutions to facilitate managers and companies to attain their intended goals. We have worked with managers or top / middle teams from companies to help them increase individual impact, both on the organizational side and the business side.

Our team has a level of expertise on the following domains of activity. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

The development or improvement of organizational systems

We develop or contribute to bettering the human resources systems of companies, organizing and planning human resources of different departments, identifying key skills, etc.

Processes of organizational transformation

We implement processes of organizational diagnosis, definition of objectives and strategies, consulting on organizational development and processes of facilitation at both an individual and group level.

Centres for Evaluation and Development

We design and support Centres for Evaluation and Development, helping companies to define expected performance in key positions, to select the best suited people for those positions and to develop the skills they require.