Assessment and Development Centers

These Assessment and Development Centers can be utilized in:

Internal selection and succession plan defining

The selection methodology proposed by CDM assures an efficient and valid identification process for the appropriate persons, for key positions, because we adapt the internal selection process to critical indicators, strategy and values of the company. Therefore, we can offer valid informations in identifying internal successors for key positions in the company, and offer support in the appraisal of succession plans.

Identifying potential/talent for key positions

The methodology used by CDM in Assessment and Development Centers defines behaviors that predict managerial potential according to the industry and the business context of a company and combines traditional techniques of evaluation (psychological tests) with a series of business simulations, case studies, role-playing games, situational tests, presentations, etc. that are also adapted to the company.

Identifying needs and developing employees

CDM offers specific informations to support development training plans for people that have been added on the Assessment and Development Centers. CDM develops and holds training programmes for personal and professional development of the centres’ candidates.