Effective meetings

Recommended for:

Employees in leadership positions or that are preparing for leadership positions


Training sessions help participants in:

  • Preparing a meeting (setting the agenda, identifying individuals that can add value to a planned meeting, informing participants, the necessary logistic)
  • Using specific meeting organization instruments
  • Identifying and applying skills and abilities associated with effectively leading a meeting
  • Leading discussions and managing potential difficult situations
  • Applying methods of influencing and motivating participants in meetings to get their engagement
  • Giving and getting feedback in a meeting
  • Synthesizing and formalizing results in a written document
  • Identifying actions for progress monitoring
  • Defining an action plan in specific terms


  • Preparing a meeting.
  • Key aspects of meetings: Information, Decision and Action. Types of meetings.
  • The stages of meetings
  • Who needs to participate and how?
  • Interacting with participants – reaching a meeting’s goals.
  • Managing dysfunctional behaviors – communication techniques.
  • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Getting the engagement and implication of participants toward decisions made in the meeting.
  • Obținerea angajamentului și implicarea participanților pentru acțiunile decise în ședință.
  • Conclusions and setting personal objectives. The plan of action.