Efficient communication

Recommended for:

Every employee, regardless of the hierarchical level they have in the company.


Training sessions help participants in:

  • Becoming aware of their emotions and managing them with the purpose of bettering interpersonal relationships
  • Using empathy with the purpose of understanding emotions and the context of others’ expectations
  • Applying assertive communication techniques with the purpose of creating and maintaining quality interpersonal relationships
  • Giving and getting constructive feedback/feedforward in such a way that it facilitates maintaining desired interpersonal relationships
  • Using different problem solving strategies based on the critical step of a conflict’s evolution and considering the expectations/wants of the other parties
  • Identifying strong points and those that need development in order to obtain quality interpersonal relationships


  • “Will sparks fly?” – Emotion and their role in facilitating or blocking communication
  • Emotional management and self-control – DO I HAVE TO BE A SUPERMAN?
  • My relationship style – personal preferences and the impact on others. Adapting my communication style to the particularities of others.
  • “Communicate like a STAR” (Task, Situation, Action, Result) for a more effective communication.
  • More than words– communication through nonverbal language.
  • One look… behind, one look in perspective – rules for offering and receiving feedback and feedforward.
  • Communication techniques for difficult situations.
  • Development of individual plans of action.