Efficient delegation

Recommended for:

Every employee, regardless of their hierarchical level in a company, that want to harness and better their productivity by delegating tasks and projects to team members.


The proposed sessions help participants in:

  • Understanding how the delegation process pertains to their work and how they can increase productivity
  • Applying different methods of task delegation
  • Contributing to team members development or even the whole team through an efficient use of delegation skills and techniques
  • Identifying the most common traps in the delegation process and learning how to avoid them
  • Successfully delegate so that the task will be completed in an effective and efficient way
  • Being in control of the tasks, objectives or responsibilities that have been delegated
  • Using efficient feedback techniques in the process of monitoring delegated tasks


  • Why delegate? Advantages and disadvantages of delegation.
  • STOP/START ? – testing delegation skills.
  • To whom do we delegate to? Steps of the delegation process.
  • Defining limits and monitoring authority delegation in the delegation process.
  • Offering efficient instructions when we delegate.
  • Methods of delegation process monitoring.
  • Giving feedback.
  • Future plans! Plan of action.