Engagement through coaching

Recommended for:

Employees that hold leadership positions or that are preparing for leadership positions


The proposed sessions help participants in:

  • practicing coaching as a development method, both in frequency and efficiency, by clarifying opportunities, processes and necessary skills
  • understanding coaching as a method for approaching and developing the skills and abilities of team members
  • understanding the difference between coaching and other development methods and identifying instants when this method is opportune and can be used for complementing other methods of management
  • identifying current efficiency as a coach and defining development directions
  • structuring and leading an effective coaching process


  • “Coaching and its power” – developing potential, skills and performance.
  • Opportune instances for practicing coaching.
  • The coaching process.
  • Skills used in the coaching process – reflection, paraphrasing, addressing questions, feedback, etc.
  • The steps of the coaching process – The GROW Model
  • Using coaching techniques when performance is below expectations.
  • Plans of action for developing coaching skills.