Facing the tiger

Recommended for:

Every employee, regardless of the hierarchical level they have in the company.


Training sessions help participants in:

  • Understanding the conflicts they are facing, how they appear in relationships with team members and other coworkers
  • Becoming aware of their own attitudes and reactions when dealing with conflicts and how these influence the conflict in a constructive/destructive manner
  • Identifying their own preferences in resolving conflicts and their efficiency based on the characteristics of the situation and current conflicts
  • Practicing efficient conflict solving techniques that lead to better relationships in the long term.
  • Developing a personal learning contract with the purpose of applying efficient conflict solving techniques.


  • Steps in the evolution of a conflict.
  • Personal impact in changing the course and results of a conflict.
  • Approaching differences. Conflict handling styles.
  • Contracting expectations – a proactive approach to conflicts
  • Critical instances in approaching conflict.
  • Conflict settling techniques.
  • Self control techniques. Relationship attitude.
  • Preparing for putting it in practice.