Focusing on the C

Recommended for:

Every employee, regardless of their hierarchical level in the company


Proposed sessions help participants in:

  • Understanding focusing on a client as an attitude as well as the personal contribution to services for internal/external clients
  • Practicing a proactive attitude in relation with clients
  • Becoming aware of your own personal communication/relationship style with others and how it pertains to clients’ communication preferences; adapting to the latter
  • Growing the circle of influence by constant concern toward solving your client’s problems
  • Practicing a five step technique for maintaining a professional attitude when faced with difficult situations


  • Value in the offered services. My role in the service chain.
  • My prefered communication style. Building trusting relationships with clients – relationship triangle (trust and loyalty).
  • How to bring added value that is perceived by clients as an answer to their expectations.
  • Direct and honest in client relationships. Understanding internal clients’ needs.
  • Managing client relationships based on their requests.
  • Maintaining professionalism when faced with difficult clients or difficult situations – managing clients’ behavior.
  • Managing negative emotions.
  • Getting clients back – transforming unmet requests in answers to expectations
  • Individual plans of action