Intercultural awareness

Recommended for:

All employees that work or collaborate with individuals/teams from other cultural environments.


Training sessions help participants in:

  • Understanding how cultural and intercultural components components manifest in the workplace
  • Developing abilities like communication, assertiveness and conflict management in a multicultural space
  • Developing skills with which to resolve challenging situations in intercultural interaction
  • Overcoming cultural differences and maximising multicultural team potential
  • Accessing other perspectives: Cultural skill courses help people think outside the box
  • Using a common space: participants will focus on what brings them together instead of their differences


  • Empathy and communication in a multicultural context.
  • Perceived differences in multicultural communication.
  • Why should we get involved? What should WE do?
  • Honest and direct communication in a multicultural context.
  • Personal and national preferences in approaching conflicts.
  • Defining personal and team goals.
  • Future plans.