Mentoring for results

Recommended for:

Employees that hold leadership positions or that are preparing for leadership positions, or those that are interested in developing others’ skills through mentorship.


The proposed sessions help participants in:

  • Developing strategies for the optimization of the support process as a mentor
  • Practicing techniques and efficient methods to aid an individual that is being mentored
  • Analysing and talking about experiences, dilemmas and challenges that can appear when they take on the role of mentor
  • Understanding the processes experimented by those that are mentored
  • Aiding the talent and skills of team members
  • Understanding the difference between mentoring and other development tools
  • Structuring an efficient mentorship process


  • What is mentoring? – a different and complimentary approach to mentoring. The benefits of mentoring.
  • Bottlenecks in the mentoring process.
  • The stages of the mentoring process.
  • Guidance in the mentoring process.
  • Mentoring – useful instruments for different contexts.
  • Roles of the mentor – Model and intermediary. The mentor as a mediator and counselor.
  • Coaching skills in the mentoring process.
  • Plans of action for developing mentoring skills.