Productive agreements through negotiation

Recommended for:

Every employee, regardless of the hierarchical level in the company


The proposed sessions help participants in:

  • Understanding key steps of a negotiation
  • Preparing a negotiation with the purpose of anticipating difficulties and the possibilities of requital
  • Dealing with objections
  • Unblocking critical situations/using adaptive methods to manage potential conflicts
  • Adapting your own behavior to the preferences of your partner
  • Creating favorable situations for negotiation
  • Using adaptive negotiating strategies based on the context and objectives


  • Negotiating in favorable conditions – the power of resources.
  • Distributive and integrative negotiation. Principled negotiation.
  • Influencing in different steps of the negotiation.
  • Hidden agendas in negotiation – how to handle them.
  • Identifying your partner’s expectations.
  • Earning trust.
  • Discussing the key steps for a real partnership.
  • Transforming aggression in support points for common interests.
  • Dealing with passivity and identifying unclear signs of agreement and subsequent problems.
  • Personal plan of action.