Stress Management

Recommended for:

Every employee, regardless of the hierarchical level they have in the company.


Training sessions help participants in:

  • Identifying stress generating situations and the ways they experience stress – their impact
  • Identifying and applying personal strategies for stress management with the purpose of optimising professional performance
  • Becoming aware of behaviors that generate negative emotions and defocus us from reaching our intended goals
  • Applying emotional control and destructive habits changing techniques for reducing personal stress
  • Creatively approaching repetitive issues
  • Implementing a plan of action in order to obtain the desired life style and implementing the techniques presented in this course


  • STRESS – how we experience it and the impact it has on us.
  • How does my stress look? Personal triggers.
  • Sources of stress. Internal and external factors.
  • Stress – individual response.
  • The stress-performance relationship. Approaching stress in three steps.
  • “Immunity to stress…?” Managing workplace stressors techniques.
  • Acting under pressure and in extreme situations – in or out of my control.
  • “Me before them” – handling negative emotions.
  • Managing difficult situations in relating with others.
  • On to action – the plan of action.