Successful presentations

Recommended for:

Every employee, regardless of the hierarchical level they have in the company.


Training sessions help participants in:

  • Structuring a presentation in such a way that it is easy to follow and understand for the audience
  • Personalizing and adapting a presentation based on an audience (their expectations, interests) and the intended goal
  • Preparing and using the appropriate visual means to increase the efficiency of the presentation
  • Harnessing each step of a presentation so that the intended goal is reached
  • Using nonverbal language to fortify the presented ideas and maintain the attention of the audience
  • Managing potential dysfunctional behaviors of participants attending the presentation
  • Identifying and planning concrete objectives in developing presentation skills – defining an individual plan of action


  • Key elements for a successful presentation
  • Unidirectional presentation. The clarity of verbal output. Adapting it to the audience.
  • The structure/steps of  a presentation. Preparing a presentation.
  • Successful strategies for unidirectional presentations
  • Nonverbal language. Controlling emotions.
  • Visual means in presentations – techniques for preparing and usage.
  • Managing interaction with the audience.
  • Practicing presentation skills.
  • Future actions – the individual plan of action.