The management and leadership mix

Recommended for:

Employees in leadership positions or that are preparing for leadership positions


The proposed sessions help participants in:

  • Clarifying the difference between management and leadership. Identifying those situations for which both roles apply
  • Becoming aware of their prefered leadership style and its impact on the climate and results of the team – identifying an authentic leadership style
  • Adapting their own leadership style at a team development level by implementing concrete strategies that facilitate team development
  • Applying an effective delegation process that allows both reaching desired goals and developing skills
  • Integrating the coaching process in day to day practice for team members skill development
  • Applying motivational strategies for individuals and teams


  • From management to leadership. The proper mix between leader and manager for each position.
  • Streamlining leadership styles. Developing skills and autonomy for team members.
  • The strength of a team – determining factors for its success. Managing the evolution of the team in its development into a well performing team
  • How to prevent and approach conflictual situations. Resolving conflicts through collaboration and behavioral techniques.
  • Efficiency in group problem solving and decision making.
  • Pressure and impact on results. How to manage pressure for keeping productive relationships with others and having the desired results.
  • Implementing and managing change. Change communication.
  • Motivation or demotivation? Minimising threats and maximising rewards
  • Together! – motivational techniques at a team level. Three key actions for increasing ENGAGEMENT.
  • Developing skills, potential and reaching goals through coaching.
  • Annual performance evaluation discussion – preparing and process management.
  • Planning for results! Plan of action.