Team building

Our brain is wired for CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT and needs STIMULATION and CONNECTION for development. Through team building programmes we create interaction and connection experiences for the participants and enough challenge to stimulate positive emotions, learning and brain plasticity.

ANTARCTICA6 hours10-200Planning and project implementation
Problem solving
SILVER WINGS6 hours10-100Mutual trust and support
Gaining a team identity; Focus on quality
Problem solving and decision making
COMMON CURRENCY4 hours12-50Competition/Collaboration
Strategic planning
Solving conflicts
THE OLYMPICS8 hours20-200Creativity
Collaboration and mutual support
Clarifying working rules in a team
BLACK SEA ODDISSEY8 hours20-200Mutual trust and support
Valuing the talents of each individual
LOST IN THE WILD4 hours10-100Problem solving under pressure
Prioritising and decision making
Teamwork and taking risks
SHARE-IT LEARNING COMMUNITY5 hours10-100Creating a learning community
Sharing knowledge, experience and practices among participants
TEAM COOKING6 hours10-30Creativity
THE MOUNTAIN WIZARD6 hours10-200Teamwork
Problem solving
OPEN AIR FEST8 hours20-200Communication and creativity
Valuing the talents of the team members
Mutual trust and support
BUILD A CITY, BUILD A TEAM8 hours10-200Time management
Communication and teamwork
Problem solving; Focus on quality
LIGHTS! ACTION!6 hours10-200Creativity
Communicating expectations
Inter-team coordination; The identity of the team
SET YOUR OBJECTIVE4 hours10-100Time management
Control over distractions and "time thieves"
QUALITY JAM4 hours10-40Prioritization of tasks
Material and human resources management
Teamwork and inter-team coordination
HUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM4 hours10-100Competition/Collaboration; Change management
Communication and problem solving under pressure
Focus on quality

Choose the TEAM BUILDING programme that fits you… using our guidance questions:

1. What kind of experience do you expect?

2. How many people will take part?

3. How much time do you have?

We offer support in choosing and adapting the team building programmes in such a way that they meet the expectations of your team.

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