• Practicing planning and implementation skills for a project, based on available resources, costs and requested quality.
  • Applying risk analysis methods both in the planning stage and in the implementation stage of a project.
  • Understanding the role each team member adopts within the team and the ways they can complement each other so that they work efficiently
  • Team focus on problem solving and decision making.
  • Applying essential teamwork principles that contribute to getting past relationship bottlenecks as a result of team level assumed engagement.
  • Creating a trust environment that facilitates mutual support and constructive change.
  • Practicing influence skills based on a series of requirements.

Participants 10-200

6 hours (adaptable)

Indoor / Outdoor

You are a team of explorers that want to cross the white continent, Antarctica. Such an expedition means high costs, but more than that, a very thorough plan regarding time, resources and team members. Antarctica is a realistic and challenging project planning activity with the purpose of following a proposed route – going to the South Pole and coming back.

The success of the project depends also on the ways teams can convince their sponsors to finance them for reaching the desired results from this expedition.

This activity is an answer to planning and implementation skills development goals, collaboration and influence for reaching intended goals.