• Developing team cohesion through clarifying mutual expectations between team members.
  • Defining functional rules of communication that allow team members to regulate interpersonal relations, trust each others and function efficiently within the team.
  • Understanding the role each member adopts within the team and the was these can complement each other in such a way that the team functions efficiently.
  • Becoming aware of the necessity of collaboration and interpersonal support for reaching desired goals.
  • Identifying strong and weak points at both a team level and an individual level.

Participants 20-200

8 hours (adaptable)

Indoor / Outdoor

You are a team of Achaean soldiers, instructed by Ulysses using all of his skills and abilities, that has the mission to bring wisdom from the Gods to their home island of Ithaca. You need this wisdom to bring long sought peace on your home island.

Although we wish every member of our team to be as wise, intuitive, brave and tenacious as Ulysses, not even he was able to overcome every challenge of his adventure without the help of his team.

During the course of the team building programme, the team members will face diverse challenges with the purpose of increasing their level of trust in the team’s capabilities to harness strong points and the ones that they can improve, all while gaining essential teamwork skills.

The teams will build ships, intelligently end efficiently, they will face a cyclops assault, they will ally with the other teams in the fight for wisdom, so that they manage to cross the gate of the gods back to the island of Ithaca.

In other ages, on other continents and in any company, each individual’s contribution increases when the team they are a part of is effective and has identity.