• Creating a trust environment that facilitates communication, mutual support, collaboration between participants and teams and creating a team unity identity.
  • Clarifying working rules that allow focus on priorities, managing interruptions from the other teams, reaching desired goals in accordance with contributions from the other teams.
  • Applying essential teamwork principles that contribute to building functional relationships and reaching desired goals (clarity and structure, responsibility, adaptability, assertive communication, focus on results).
  • Understanding the benefits of systematic work according to the team level strategy.
  • Becoming aware of quality principles in reaching the goals of the team and the contribution of each team member for reaching these goals.
  • Analysis of strong points and weak points within a team.
  • Defining a team level plan of action and support actions at the level of each individual team member.

Participants 10-200

8 hours (adaptable)

Indoor / Outdoor

Build a City is a realistic simulation of designing and building a city, starting from scratch.

Your challenge is to design and construct a giant city, esthetic and functional, harnessing the experience of architects, city planners, landscapers and builders from your own teams, as well as the available resources. You will be assigned team level and project level tasks, with unforeseen interruptions and contradictory team needs that need to be managed using time management techniques, assertive communication, a systematic approach to tasks, problem solving and teamwork.

At the end of the available time, the teams will put together their component parts to visualise the imaginary city and will present to each other their own visions regarding the values of their respective teams.

The activity ends with analysis discussions at a team level and in forum, that will emphasize tolerating and implementing a common strategy, the systematic approach of documentation tasks, creativity, efficient communication between teams, aligning skills and team members’ contributions to assure interconnectivity between the sections of the town.