• Harnessing a collaboration attitude and becoming aware of individual contributions to the success of the team.
  • Focusing the team on problem solving and decision making.
  • Becoming aware of the necessity for collaboration and mutual support for reaching desired goals.
  • Becoming aware of the interdependence between team members and the individual contributions to the success of the team.
  • Understanding the way the usage of constructive competition through collaborating with other teams maximises the contributions of teams to the intended goals.
  • Developing strategic planning skills.
  • Practicing productive methods of conflict resolution.
  • Analysis of strong and weak points of the team.
  • Defining a plan of action at a team level and the support actions at each team member level.

Participants 12-50

4 hours

Indoor / Outdoor

The year is 3047. Your team represents a fictional country that is part of a larger group of countries. Each independent country uses a similar monetary system using colored coins but their value varies from one country to another. Following some political decisions, all countries have been incorporated into one group – The United Republic of Empiria. Following a governmental centralization plan, the value of each currency is about to be changed to establish a new common monetary system. Therefore, the monetary reserve of each country will be evaluated using a point and bonuses system of the new monetary system. Having limited information at your disposal, each country tries to maximise its own budget.

This activity is designed to offer participants the opportunity to improve their teamwork skills, focus on team priorities, but also on building productive relationships with the other teams, using impactful strategies to reach the desired goals (competition-collaboration).