• Taking on key roles at a team level to reach intended goals (harnessing skills and abilities of team members).
  • Adapting to change – readjusting objectives and tolerating contingency plans, task redistribution.
  • Prioritising tasks, delegation and time management.
  • Developing clear and on point communication skills, highlighting key messages, offering critical information in critical moments.
  • Problem solving under pressure.
  • Collaboration between teams to reach goals.
  • Becoming aware of your own quality principles in reaching the goals of the team and each member’s contribution to reaching them.
  • Analysis of strong and weak points of the team.
  • Defining a plan of action at a team level and support actions at the level of each team member.

Participants 10-100

4 hours (adaptable)

Indoor / Outdoor

The astronaut team you are a part of is located in one of the Moon Bases, together with other teams in other bases. You’re close to the end of your mission and almost ready to take off toward Earth. Before you can, you still have a few more tasks to do, and you have to use your remaining oxygen resources to accomplish them.

The more you move across the Moon’s surface, the more oxygen you’re using. To finish these tasks and going back to Earth, the teams have to agree on a common action plan and put it in practice in the remaining time until take off to Earth.

For reaching the goal of the mission, the teams must share information, assume responsibilities, adapt to different emergencies that may appear and work quickly to problem solve while following a series of quality level requirements in accomplishing additional tasks.