• Stimulating creativity based on a team level requirement.
  • Developing communication skills and expressing opinions in the context of teamwork and interaction between teams.
  • Creating a trust environment that facilitates communication, mutual support, collaboration between participants and teams and creating an identity of unity within a team.
  • Becoming aware of the interdependence between team members and individual contributions for the success of the team.
  • Applying essential principles of teamwork that contribute to building functional relationships and reaching desired goals.
  • Becoming aware of key aspects within a team so that every member feels part of it.
  • Defining a plan of action at a team level and for support actions of each team member to increase team efficiency.

Participants 10-200

6 hours (adaptable)

Indoor / Outdoor

You are the protagonists of a play, each of you being distributed in an act of the play and will play a well defined role. The play is called – A day in the life of the team and the script and roles will reflect as much as possible the real life of your team, rewritten in your own words, in a special, nonconformist way, filled with creativity and humor.

To get into the shoes of big theatre troupes, you will create costumes and scenery, you will hold rehearsals, and finally, you will perform the play. The play will end with a question regarding key aspects that need to be present so that everyone feels like a member of the team. The question will be asked to each team, followed by a forum discussion regarding the subject.

There will also be an award ceremony for EXCELLENCE in theater! A “competent” jury will give out awards for: the most delightful actor/actress, best debut, best supporting role, best question, etc…