• Developing communication and difficult problem solving skills under pressure.
  • Practicing analysis and problem solving skills within a team and harnessing the abilities and skills of each team member.
  • Practicing prioritising and decision making skills while taking calculated risks.
  • Planning actions for reducing risk or monitoring them.
  • Clarifying work rules within a team that facilitate earning interpersonal trust and getting the desired results.

Participants 10-100

4 hours (adaptable)

Indoor / Outdoor

You’ve always wanted a peaceful vacation on the cristalyne waters of a lake. You can see yourself with your fishing rod in your hands, fishing, contemplating the landscape and thinking about the beautiful things in your life…

You had almost reached your destination but you have taken a detour from the flight route to admire a famous dormant volcano. The pilot gets back to the initial flight route to get you to your desired destination, when, all of the sudden, one of the engines of the hydroplane stops and the plane starts falling. It’s only thanks to the pilot’s experience that you have survived, but you are left with no way to communicate with the airbase. Because the hydroplane wasn’t on its established flight route, it might be difficult for the rescue team to reach you.

An adventure in which time is not on your side for the nights are cold and full of terrors, and you’ll have to make quick decisions in a very short time to survive the wilderness.