• Creating a trust environment that facilitates communication, mutual support, collaboration between participants and teams and creating an identity as a unified team.
  • Clarifying rules of communication within the team that facilitates earning interpersonal trust and reaching desired goals.
  • Becoming aware of the interdependence between team members and individual contributions to the success of the team.
  • Applying essential teamwork  principles that contribute to building functional relationships and reaching desired goals (clarity and structure, responsibility, adaptability, focus on results).
  • Becoming aware of quality principles in reaching the goals of the team and each team member’s contribution to reaching them.
  • Analysis of strong and weak points in a team.
  • Defining a plan of action at a team level and support actions at the level of each team member.

Participants 20-200

8 hours (adaptable)

Indoor / Outdoor

OPEN AIR FEST is a simulation of an open air FESTIVAL during which participants, divided in three theme based zones (AIR, EARTH, WATER) are granted the freedom to build a fun environment using available resources, suitable for encouraging getting out of your comfort zone and invigoration… for a long time!

Each team will create the festival’s workshop under the given theme and events at which the other teams will participate. They will set the distinct elements of each team (festival flag, fitting the arena, the HAKA dance – elements that contribute to the growth of all of the participants.

During this activity, the teams will harness their agreement and strategy implementing skills through harnessing planning, creativity, efficient inter-team communication, alignment of skills and the contributions of team members to organize the festival in the area and theme given. Resource and time management are both essential skills for getting the project ready in the alloted time.