• Identifying ways to increase the efficacy and efficiency of the team through setting objectives and focusing on priorities.
  • Differentiating between types of existing requests in the alloted time and agreeing on priorities at an individual and team level.
  • Utilizing time management techniques that facilitate an efficient organization of individual and team tasks, avoiding distractions and other time “thieves”.
  • Becoming aware of the interdependence of team members and individual contributions to the success of the team.
  • Applying essential teamwork principles that contribute to building functional relationships and reaching desired goals (clarity and structure, responsibility, adaptability and impact).
  • Becoming aware of quality objectives in reaching the goals of the team and the contribution of each team member for reaching them.

Participants 10-100

4 hours (adaptable)

Indoor / Outdoor

Is is possible to prepare for the unforeseen and, at the same time, to set clear and realistic objectives? The SET YOUR OBJECTIVE activity says “yes” to this question.

Your team meets on a monday and you plan your activities for the following week. You analyse the tasks and decide which one of these will be completed based on urgency, importance, difficulty, assigned score. You will finish tasks based on the plan: the main task, adjacent tasks and a series of “unforseen” tasks, requested by the trainer.

Completing all of the tasks in the alloted time isn’t possible, so the teams need to focus on priorities – set REALISTIC GOALS!

The activity ends with the analysis of the ways objectives were set, task prioritisation, decisions related to what is urgent and important, choosing the right tasks at the right moment, realistic in the alloted time, approaching unforeseen tasks.