• Creating a tasty and motivational competition and collaboration environment for teams, focusing on elements of planning, time management, resource allocation and tasks, creativity, communication and decision making.
  • Stimulating trust between team members and teams that facilitates mutual support for reaching the final goal – “cooking side by side” brings a new perspective to team spirit.
  • Applying essential teamwork principles that contribute to getting past bottlenecks in relationships as a result of team level assumed engagement.

Participants 10-30

6 hours (adaptable)

Indoor / Outdoor

Team Cooking is a special activity, but Team Cooking with CDM is an experience of the details: menu, ingredients, atmosphere, location, fun. We designed these details using our passion for quality experiences, the satisfaction of exceeding expectations and getting a “wow”, “amazing”, “extraordinary”, and “congratulations” at the end of each shared experience.

Participants will design the menu together, will pick ingredients for each course and will cook under the careful supervision of a renowned Chef.

The result…?

We’ll let you be the judge of that.