• Generating opportunities for getting to better know team members and those from related teams
  • Creating a trust environment that facilitates mutual support and constructive exchanges
  • Promoting team cohesion through exploring the needs and interests of team members.
  • Becoming aware of individual contribution to the success of the team.
  • Increasing team performance through experiential activities and improvement of interpersonal relationships through informal interaction.

Participants 10-200

6 hours (adaptable)

Indoor / Outdoor

The Wizard… No one knows who he is, but legend says that he hid in the Mountains centuries ago and never left. A group of mortals defy the rules of the Mountain and tries to find out if the story is myth… or reality?

Through a few “centuries”, team members will face challenges meant to increase trust in the team’s capacity and both reveal strong and weak points, all while participants are practicing a series of essential teamwork skills: communication, problem solving, making decisions, taking risks, conflict resolution, applying teamwork rules for increasing trust and getting to know each other.

By solving these tasks, participants will have lots of fun and a good time.