The Olympic Games


  • Creating a trust environment that facilitates mutual support and constructive change.
  • Becoming aware of individual contributions to the success of the team, the impact of individual behaviors on the success of the team.
  • Becoming aware of the necessity for collaboration and mutual support for reaching desired goals.
  • Applying essential teamwork principles that contribute to overcoming bottlenecks in relationships as a result of assumed engagement at a team level.
  • Clarifying communication rules within the team that facilitate earning interpersonal trust and accomplishing desired goals.
  • Becoming aware of behaviors that facilitate or encumber cooperation and communication within the team.
  • Stimulation of creativity and innovation spirit within the team and between teams.

Participants 20-200

8 hours (adaptable)

You are invited to participate in this year’s edition of The Olympic Games – THE TRUST CUP, where every country will have its own resources and their own events. This year, the highest scores will be awarded for creativity and team coordination so all of the teams will try to raise the stack for a high score and secure the first place on the Trust Cup podium.

After all of the events, during the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, the ingredients that contributed to functioning trusting relationships between participants will be analysed, regardless of the subteams they are part of, and the countries that applied these ingredients in their own teams will be awarded.

Ready, set, GO!